Friday, January 28, 2011

Some catching up to do...


"Never an illness, nor the absence
of grandeur, no,
nothing is able to kill the best in us,
that kindness, dear sir, we are afflicted with:
beautiful is the flower of man, his conduct,
and every door opens on the beautiful truth
and never hides treacherous whispers.

I always gained something from making myself better,
better than I am, better than I was,
that most subtle citation:
to recover some lost petal
of the sadness I inherited:
to search once more for the light that sings
inside of me, the unwavering light."
Pablo Neruda


  1. I love these pictures and that Pablo Neruda, that is the perfect poem. I can read it again and again. Joanna

  2. I love your work. The tones are so great; your black and whites are beautiful! And you can see right into your subjects' personalities. Lovely work!

  3. Incredible!