Thursday, August 27, 2009

Announcing Holiday Photo "Mini-Sessions"!!

Would you like to have a custom family portrait to use on your holiday card this year?

If so, the time to plan is now! I am scheduling two weekends in the next two months for holiday "mini sessions." Each "mini session" will be a 30-45 minute photo shoot of up to four members of your family. I will present you with 5-10 edited images from which you will choose 3 to receive in high-resolution digital format on CD. In addition, you will receive 20% off any prints you choose to purchase through me from the session. The cost of this package is $250. Add $25 per person if you would like your session to include more than four people.

Dates and locations:

Sunday, September 27th at a beautiful private home in Alamo

Saturday, October 3rd in Golden Gate Park

If you are interested, please contact me ASAP to reserve your time slot, as these will fill up fast.
$100 down payment will be required to reserve your spot.

Here are some pics of B & H from a recent reconnaissance mission to Golden Gate Park:

And, here is an example of a more "studio" style pose:

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Beautiful 9-Day Old

I get to meet my fair share of new parents, fortunately for me, as I love to photograph their newborns. And once upon a time I was a new parent myself (yea, like I'm such a pro cuz now I have 5 years of experience - but I digress). Well, Baby D's parents were so chill it was like they'd done this baby thing for waaaay longer than 9 days. I am so envious of people like that! Perhaps it's the SF vibe, but in addition I'm guessing they're just plain cool. Lucky D! I only regret we didn't get to the SF Giants onesie pics before I had to pack it in! I'm thinking for his 6-month shoot we'll be sure to get him sportin' his home team's colors...

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Little Mr. Heart Breaker!

This little prince had me in the palm of his hand the moment he batted his big brown eyes at me. What can I say - I'm a sucker for long lashes and easy smiles! "N" is almost 14 months old and boy do his parents have it good - all this charm and he's slept through the night since he was barely 2 months old??!! (I hate to admit mine didn't sleep through the night until they were the age "N" is now - 14 months)! Dang. Maybe they should buy a lottery ticket!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Pure Yumminess...

Is the only way to describe this 6-month old chunk! Little "T" LOVED the camera...and with that smile and the dimple he so luckily inherited from his daddy - the camera loved him!
There's something so amazing about one baby, the first-born, and all the love an attention he receives from his parents. It's a magical time for sure.
I look back on those 19 months when our first-born was our only...and, well, at times I do miss it! I am so happy to capture these moments for this family - I hope these images help to slow down the passage of time for them just a little bit...they grow so fast!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Please consider donating to The Hamilton Family Center

I had the honour of photographing some beautiful families & children at San Francisco's Hamilton Family Center this evening. I volunteered to help provide images for their promotional materials, and if only we hadn't run out of light, I could have stayed for hours! The children were so excited to be in front of the camera, and the parents grateful for the gift of portraits of their family - a high point during a difficult time in their lives. Please see their website at and consider donating to this very worthy cause.

Saturday, August 1, 2009

10-Day Old Dreamboat

Wow. Lucky me. Newborn shoots are almost NEVER this easy. Baby G was so easy-going he barely let out a single peep during the whole shoot! He is the beautiful son of friends of ours which is how I got my lens on him. Oh and I had the honour of Lisa being my lovely assistant today - a first! Coincidentally, she is Baby G's pediatrician so it was just extra Love-Fest all around. I think we should start a photographer-pediatrician partnership and do nothing but shoots and housecalls combined!