Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Charming Hostess!

OK, so first there were babies. And babies are good.

And then there was boudoir. And well, Boudoir, is boudoir is boudoir ;0

And now - the amazing musical ensemble Charming Hostess entrusted me with shooting images for their upcoming multi-national project at The Yerba Buena Gardens. It's called The Bowls Project---and it's an interactive sound installation that is opening July 8! You can find out more on their site: http://www.charminghostess.com/projects.html

I'm honored - I've been a fan for so long and wow, you guys are so talented! I'm just floored every time you sing. I honestly almost dropped my camera when you started singing this afternoon....


  1. OH ROBIN!!!!!!! ... from written description to lighting, from brow to toe, choho & the hinterhaus garden look f'reals! u-da-fun-talented-pro! may these shots travel the globe and back home to the mission. thanQ! can't wait to see 'em all.

  2. wow stunning!!! that last one is perfection!!