Tuesday, February 16, 2010

LensBaby Boudoir

LensBaby: A line of camera lenses that combines a simple lens with a bellows or ball and socket mechanism for use in special effects photography.

Boudoir: A type of photography whereby a set of sensual images of women of all shapes, ages, and sizes is created. Historically, the Boudoir was a drawing room used, among other things, to entertain intimate acquaintances.

LensBaby + Boudoir = SuperFunky in The City, Baby!
N* you ROCK thank you for being such an awesome model!


  1. Beautiful photography, beautiful model....she is alive with esprit, with the spirit of life!

  2. A. talented, very creative soul Beautiful inside and out!!!!! We are ALL very proud of you.

  3. WOWOWOW!! What a great combination of photographer, model, and a lensbaby!

    Robin, these are all so great - they have such a vintage, alive, fun, sassy feel. I love the processing you chose on each. as well as all the styling involved (wardrobe, hair/mkup, the couch, no distractions, etc.)

    My favorite is of this gorgeous girl lying on the couch kicking her feet back - hot and fun shot!

    I want my turn!