Monday, November 23, 2009

100 lbs of fur, 7 lbs of bliss

I didn't know docile came in XXL. This docile. Timber was their first baby, and now he seems more than willing to step aside his singleton status and become whatever his "new baby" needs. Protection? Check. Share toys? Check. Warm place to snuggle? Check Check Check!
Congratulations, dear friends, on the birth of your gorgeous baby girl. We are thrilled for you!


  1. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful - and Cute Cute Cute - what wonderful pictures of Gods perfection in creating this wonderous being .. I went back into time and saw my kids being at this very same stage and I think I understand the wonder and awe the parents must be feeling while looking at this lovely child!
    Deepak Menon - Diana's friend

  2. Why are the children of all species so cute? For them to survive it takes all of us to help them along.